What is Dedicated Lane? Opened For Buses in Kathmandu in 2080

Now 25 buses will run on the red lane from Suryavinayak to Ratnapark within 45 minutes. Fast bus service from Bhaktapur’s Suryavinayak to Kathmandu’s Ratnapark will be operational from Wednesday.

For that purpose, dedicated lanes are currently being built on the road. To inaugurate Constitution Day, the road department is making a separate lane with red colour.

Dedicated Lane in kathmandu
Dedicated Lane in kathmandu

What is Dedicated Lane?

A dedicated lane refers to a specific, reserved portion of a road or highway that is designated for a particular type of traffic or a specific purpose.

Dedicated lanes are often used to improve traffic flow, enhance safety, or facilitate specific types of transportation. Here are some common examples of dedicated lanes:

Bus Lane:
A dedicated lane exclusively for buses. These lanes are intended to provide faster and more reliable transit service by allowing buses to bypass traffic congestion.

Dedicated Lane for Bus in Kathmandu:

According to Ishwaridatta Paneru, Information Officer of Transport Management Department, it will be inaugurated on Wednesday and 25 buses will be regularly operated from Suryavinayak to Ratnapark under express service from Thursday.

For these buses to pass, work is currently being done to create separate lanes on both sides of the road. According to Paneru, the buses under the express service will run in two shifts from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

During that time, other vehicles are not allowed to ply in the dedicated lane where these buses are plying. However, ambulances, hearses, fire brigades, and buses carrying staff are allowed to ply on the said lane.

Features of Dedicated Lane:

According to him, Physical, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Prakash Jwala, other officials of ministries and departments, local government officials and other people will reach from Ratnapark to Suryavinayak on Wednesday.

These buses do not stop even at red traffic lights. Ambulances and emergency vehicles are allowed to run as usual. If they get stuck somewhere, they can turn left and right like an ambulance. In that case, it is mentioned that the express bus will reach Ratnapark from Suryavinayak in 45 minutes.

Mass Transportation:

He said that the concept of mass transportation would encourage the use of public vehicles and reduce the number of people using private vehicles. “We believe that this will reduce traffic jams and make them manageable,” he added.

According to Paneru, there are 19 different bus stops from Suryavinayak to Ratnapark. There are stops at 19 places where there is a lot of traffic including Ratnapark, Bhadrakali, Maitighar, Babarmahal, Naya Baneshwar, Shantinagar, Koteshwar Jadibuti, Kaushaltar, Gathaghar, Chardobato, Suryavinayak.

Red Color Dedicated Lane:

These locations are also indicated by red colour. Paneru said that not all locations have been laid out by traffic. He informed me that its layout would be completed only on Wednesday. Paneru says that they are going to start the fast bus service in view of the heavy traffic during office hours.

It will take one and a half hours to reach Ratnapark from Suryavinayak during office hours. Our target is to reach from Suryavinayak to Ratnapark in 45 minutes,’ he said. Passengers are boarded and disembarked within 30 seconds.’

25 Buses in 45 Minutes in Dedicated Lane:

25 buses are going to be run in collaboration with the Nepal Transport Business Federation. Buses operated under express bus service are not separate.

Big buses will be operated on this route. However, to make it easier for passengers to identify these buses, Paneru says that the name Express Bus Service will be written on the front of the bus.

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