Top 15 New Mailgun Free Alternative in 2022

If you’re looking for a Mailgun alternative you are in the right place. cutting right to it we switched from MailGun to postmark and so far the experience has been awesome.

Some of my complaints with MailGun were that the user interface I found was quite slow and painful to use. So today I wish to write about the free alternative to Mailgun.

This is something that might change between you know the time I wrote this and when you read this I mean it’s already a lot better than it used to be.

Top 15 New Mailgun Free Alternative
Top 15 New Mailgun Free Alternative

Mailgun Email Tracking:

Whenever we had problems, support was generally just not as helpful. As I would have liked we got generally you cannot or just unhelpful responses until we were paying.

You know serious money to have a dedicated IP which takes me into.  One of my other gripes with MailGun is that I guess the cost once you get into the sort of dedicated IP level.

We had to pay for that because we had deliverability issues with our free just our lower plan on MailGun.

Why to use Mailgun Free Alternative?

Mailgun ( is a value-based email administration utilized by designers and data innovation experts to send, get, and track messages utilizing its amazing API.

Designers can utilize it to convey value-based messages, screen their exhibition, and enhance messages for higher commission rates. 

Mailgun likewise upholds different programming dialects like Python, Java, Ruby, and the PHP system to help engineers set up Mailgun in a recognizable programming language.

Mailgun Alternative Free For Use: 

So I went looking for an alternative and many of my friends in the tech space recommended postmarks. So of course you know that there are many recommendations for a free Mailgun alternative.

This is something that might uh change between you know the time I wrote this and when you read this I mean it’s already a lot better than it used to be.

I’m going to go and try it and I’ve loved it so far, switching was really easy so we were using the SMTP integration with a free Mailgun alternative.

These are the best free alternatives to Mailgun which we can integrate into our project easily.

  1. Sendinblue
  2. SendPulse
  3. Pepipost
  4. Flowmailer
  5. Kingmailer
  6. Inboxroad
  7. Moosend
  8. Elastic Email
  9. Postmark
  10. Amazon SES
  11. Sendgrid
  12. Sparkpost
  13. SMTP2GO
  14. Mailjet
  15. SocketLabs
  16. G2 Storefront
  17. Netcore Email API (formerly Pepipost)
  18. Mailchimp Transactional Email (formerly Mandrill)

Free Alternative to Mailgun:

If you are using SMTP as well the process will be just as simple for you. Get the credentials from the postmark and punch them straight into wherever you’re using them.

There’s a lot more to postmark you know like being able to send emails based on templates, analytics and all that sort of stuff but I’ll leave you to explore that in your own time.

I think it’s worth checking out if this article has helped and if you would like to learn ways to automate your business and get more productive.

Suraj Chand
Suraj Chand
Suraj Chand is a content creator at and he is pursuing Bachelor's Degree In Computer Engineering From Kathmandu Engineering College, Kalimati,Kathmandu (KEC) affiliated to Institute of Engineering (IOE) Nepal under Tribhuvan University (TU).

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