Tribhuwan University or Tribhuvan University ? Which one is Correct ?

Among Tribhuwan University and Tribhuvan University, both the words refer to the same university of Nepal. But, Tribhuvan University is correct.

  • Tribhuwan University or Tribhuvan University is the oldest university in Nepal.
  • It is the largest university in Nepal having more than 1100 affiliated colleges and campuses across the country.
  • It is supported by the government so it is less expensive than other universities in Nepal.
  • The official website of Tribhuwan University is Tribhuvan University.
  • It is well known to the world with a ranking of 12 in comparison to the largest students enrollment in the world.
  • It is written as “त्रिभुवन विश्वविद्यालय” in the Nepali Language.
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