Top 17 Hair Treatment Hospitals in Kathmandu:Best Reviews[2023]

Today we are describing Hair Treatment Hospitals in Kathmandu. As you know sometimes hair-related problems may come to your health.

Then you must understand the problems and seek optimal solutions from hair hospitals.

Hair fall is a major problem for both males and females in Nepal after the age of 25. Sometimes hair falls before the age of 25.

The majority of the problem is hair loss. Hair loss or hair fall simply creates hazardous symptoms which lead to the great loss of hair and make the head bald.

Hair Treatment Hospital in Kathmandu

This is the list of hospitals that provide hair-related services in Nepal. They are hair hospitals in Nepal Kathmandu:

  1. Kathmandu Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
  2. Aavaran Skin and Hair Clinic
  3. Nepal Skin Hospital Pvt Ltd
  4. Folliderm Hair Transplant, Lasers and Skin Clinic
  5. Cutis Care Pvt. Ltd.
  6. Smartcare Skin Clinic
  7. Hair transplant in Nepal
  8. Swasti Laser & Skin Care
  9. Nepal Korea Skin Care Hospital
  10. K33 Hair Hotel
  11. Let Me in
  12. LaserCure- Hair & Cosmetic Skin Clinic
  13. Nepal Skin Care Centre
  14. Ananta Skin Care Center
  15. Greencity Hair Clinic
  16. Arogin Health Care & Research Centre Pvt Ltd
  17. Alka Cosmetic Dermatology by Dr Rajan Tajhya

What is Hair loss and what causes it with treatment? 

Hair loss is defined as the partial or complete loss of hair from the head. Moreover, it generally develops gradually and may be patchy or all over bald in the head. Both men and women can lose their hair thickness and amount as their age grows.

Signs and Symptoms of hair loss:

Hair fall or loss can be seen physically in men and women. The major sign of hair loss is a sudden decrease in the thickness of hair and the density of hair quantity in the head.

The major signs of hair loss are:

  • Gradual thinning on top of the head
  • Circular or patchy bald spots
  • Sudden loss of hair
  • Fully-body hair loss

Causes of hair loss in Men:

Hair loss may gradually develop in men or women due to the deficiency and over-secretion of hormones sometimes. These reasons must be behind hair loss includes:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Ageing
  • Stress
  • Skin infection
  • Anaemia
  • Burns
  • Thyroid

Treatment of Hair Loss:

It is nearly hard to grow new hair naturally once it has fallen. If you are also having hair fall problems and searching for a hair hospital in Kathmandu.

Then, I have listed the names of Hair Treatment Hospitals in Kathmandu in this post. Some types of hair loss may resume growth without any treatment in a natural manner.

Rather, treatment may be needed to restart the hair growth or decrease the rate of hair loss. For that we should apply the following measures:

  • Keep the skin clean
  • Do not reuse contaminated items
  • Wash non-disposable things in boiled water or disinfect them before reusing them.

Cost of Hair Treatment Hospital in Kathmandu

The cost of a hair transplant price in Nepal ranges from Rs 30 per follicle. This price may differ from clinic to clinic. However, the price may be more than Rs 30 per follicle depending upon the hospital.

Features of Hair Treatment Hospital:

This hospital has a hair transplant facility in Nepal. Some of their services are:

  1. Laser hair removal

They use the best laser in the world (Soprano ice platinum) in order to minimize the number of sessions.

This laser is far superior to Chinese and Korean lasers found in the market and gives real permanent results. The Painless laser hair removal technique.

2. Hair transplant surgery

They use the micro FUE technique to obtain the best density and minimum scarring. Hair transplants are natural and permanent. 

3. Cosmetic Surgeries

They provide Asian eyelid surgery, Eye Bag surgery, scar revision surgery, Tattoo removal surgery etc. All surgeries are performed under local anaesthesia and you can go home on the same day.

4. Laser Tattoo Removal

They use q-switched ND: Yag lasers to fade away from their unwanted tattoos. Works best for black tattoos. Coloured tattoos may require surgery.

5. Fat Loss or Slimming

They use cool sculpting to reduce the amount of localized fat on their abdomen, hips, arms etc. The process is non-surgical and gives you a slimmer figure without the risks of surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Treatment Hospitals in Kathmandu (FAQs):

1. How much is a hair transplant cost in Nepal?

The cost of a hair transplant price in Nepal ranges from Rs 30 per follicle. This price may differ from clinic to clinic.

2. What does the cost of PRP Hair treatment in the Hospitals of Kathmandu?

The cost of PRP therapy in Nepal varies from  NRs 5000 to NRs 15000 depending upon the methods of how the PRP is prepared.

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