Seats and Cut-off Rank In Thapathali Campus

1) Total Seats in Thapathali Campus for B.E. and B.E. Arch.

Total Seats available for engineering programs under various streams Engineering Colleges Thapathali Campus (IOE/TU).

Engineering programs in Thapathali Campus

Seats available in Thapathali Campus

Computer Engineering (Full Fee) 36
Computer Engineering (Regular) 12
Civil Engineering (Full Fee) 72
Civil Engineering (Regular) 24
Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering (Full Fee) 36
Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering (Regular) 12
Automobile Engineering (Full Fee) 36
Automobile Engineering (Regular) 12
Mechanical Engineering (Full Fee) 12
Mechanical Engineering (Regular) 36
Geomatics Engineering (Full Fee) 36
Geomatics Engineering (Regular) 12
Industrial Engineering (Full Fee) 36
Industrial Engineering (Regular) 12
Architecture Engineering (Full Fee) 36
Architecture Engineering (Regular) 12

2) Cut-off Rank in Thapathali Campus:

Engineering programs Cut-Off Rank
Computer Engineering (Full Fee) 570

Female Q(790)

Computer Engineering (Regular) 325
Civil Engineering (Full Fee) 870
Civil Engineering (Regular) 440

Female Q(590)

Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering (Full Fee) 1060
Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering (Regular) 370

Female Q(935)

Automobile Engineering (Full Fee) 4270

Female Q(4415)

Automobile  Engineering (Regular) 1840
Mechanical Engineering (Full Fee) 1860

Female Q(2315)

Mechanical Engineering (Regular) 630
Aerospace Engineering (Full Fee)
Aerospace Engineering (Regular)
Industrial Engineering (Full Fee) 3540
Industrial Engineering (Regular) 1430
Architecture Engineering (Full Fee) 1450
Architecture Engineering (Regular) 1290


In conclusion, These cut-off ranks are just approximations seeing the previous year’s priority choosing of students. So, these can be applicable up to the 5th admission list.

Therefore, there may be seats available until the last admission list even if you acquire lower ranks than the listed ones. In addition, quota students above these ranks also can apply and admit to the programs.

Hence, This may differ up to 50 to 100 ranks. Therefore, apply to more programs to be safe and get listed in the admission list of respective colleges.

Always apply to both regular and full fees for the single engineering program. All these priorities depend on the choice of students so we can’t fully depend on these tentative cutoff ranks.

Tapendra Pandey
Tapendra Pandey is a content creator at and he is pursuing Bachelor's Degree In Computer Engineering From Institute of Engineering (IOE) Nepal under Tribhuvan University (TU).

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