FAQs of IOE entrance exam preparation 2021

Some important and frequently asked queries of students for IOE entrance in Nepal.

2. What are the pass marks at the IOE entrance?

Firstly, the medium of paper is English. The question paper has 140 full marks. So that the pass mark is around 55 marks.
The detailed long questions carry 4 marks and the short question carry 2 marks each. The duration of the exam is 2 hours and all students submit answers before the time.
To Clarify, the objective questions with four answer options are displayed to the students. Subsequently, once we click an answer, it is mandatory to choose an option.
Therefore, if you choose the wrong option then IOE deducts ‘-1’ marks as negative marking.

3. Can a calculator be used in the examination?

Yes, Of course! You can use a scientific calculator in the IOE Entrance Examination.

4. What type of calculator can we use in the IOE exam??

In fact,  the use of a non-programmable calculator is allowed in the exam. The most popular CASIO-FX 991ES is also non-programmable and thus it is allowed in the examination.

The most popular CASIO-FX 991W is also non-programmable and thus it is allowed in the examination. So, I recommend carrying a basic scientific calculator. But for easy calculation, you may carry the calculator with the capability of having limits, derivatives, and antiderivatives.

Furthermore, you can also carry a CASIO FX-991EX CLASSWIZ Scientific Calculator. In case, if the checker at the gate allows you, it will be beneficial to you and may use CASIO FX-991ES. 

In case, Sometimes we think that the invigilator may not allow us calculators because they don’t know about these new calculators.

5. Do I need a citizenship certificate for submitting the IOE entrance form?

Mostly Yes!, But in case citizenship is unavailable, the Applicant must mention one of the documents as an identification certificate from the Citizenship certificate, Passport, or admit card of the last examination.
So, This document has to be presented for receiving the admit card for the entrance examination.

6. Why isn’t there something about scholarships and

7. How can I get notes of the IOE entrance exam of BE? Is there any site for it? Please help me.

Most importantly, You can study your +2 books as well as notes. They are enough for it. For more read this post.

8. Can anyone notify me where can I find marks distribution TOPIC wise..for each subject?

9. How can we submit our all documents in an online form?

Firstly, the Identification Document must be Uploaded on Both sides. You must upload a Citizenship as Identification Document. The document must contain both sides. How To Fill-Up IOE Entrance Exam Form Using Own Smartphone?

10. How many seats are in a remote area just like Achham?

However, For the students falling in this community, IOE has allocated 20% of total seats in the regular category. Among which 20% is reserved for Bipanna females (includes 3% Dalit and 2% Muslim females), 16% for janjati, 14% is reserved for Madhesi ( includes 3% Madhesi Dalit female), 9% is reserved for Dalit, 9% is reserved for disabled ones, 7% for the students of backward rural area, 7% for  Muslim, 10% for tharu and 8% for other students.
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