Stay safe from online phishing by attackers in 2021

Phishing and scams are everywhere in this technological world. All we need to be is safe from online phishing. We click them unknowingly and become the guest to the attacker.

In this article, I am writing the top 8 easy & updated tips with tutorials to stay safe from online phishing by attackers in 2020.

Network Phishing:

Phishing on the web is the social engineering process that scammers do to trick you into providing your information.

Your information may be personal or financial. They make some links that appear to be real. After that, make you fall for typing your email, password, and other credentials in it.

For example, sometimes you find emails about your bank account that show suspension. Have you ever found your accounts insecure from platforms different from your bank and institution?

They may have an embedded link where you have to type your credentials. In addition, they find your credentials and compromise your bank account. This may happen to your social media accounts and online payment accounts too.

Online Phishing Attack On Confidential Data:

Similarly, you may find some fake job opportunities, giveaways, and announcements. They make you provide your data.

On other hand, you can also see some online shopping sites and groups on social media selling goods at very cheap prices. However, they can make you pay in advance.

But, there is no chance that they deliver goods to you. For instance, if you become careless about the links and you open them then you definitely fall for the scams. After that, scammers get what they want.

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