Upcoming Right Share in Nepal 2023 : Latest Upcoming Right Share in Nepal

Right share in Nepal is another priority of application by the general public in Nepal. In the primary market of Nepal,

Right Share Issue Time In Nepal

Right share is issued in Nepal by the companies for their shareholders who are already holding their shares. This is an opportunity for the shareholders to add more additional shares at discounted prices.

Normally an IPO share has a face value of Nepalese Rs 100. After it gets listed on Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) stock, it has an adjusted price of more than the face value.

Upcoming Right Share in Nepal

Now, in the right share, the existing shareholders can buy an additional number of shares at the same price which they bought in the primary market IPO (generally Rs 100).

Right share is issued in Nepal after a time of 1 year from the issue of IPO after the AGM meeting is held. The right shares of many right shares comes generally in the month of Ashad of every year.

New Right Share Nepal {Filter data}

Company Name Ratio No. of Units Open/Close DateĀ 
Samriddhi Finance Company Ltd. 2:1 2,729,705.00 Upcoming
Shikhar Insurance Company Ltd 10:3 5,275,572.00 Upcoming
Chhyangdi Hydropower Ltd 10:3 893,025.00 Upcoming
Corporate Development Bank Ltd. 1:1.5 3,000,000.00 Upcoming
Narayani Development Bank Ltd. 1:1 1,312,338.00 Upcoming
Excel Development Bank 10:3 2,433,363.67 Upcoming

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