Madhya Bhotekoshi IPO For Locals 2021 (2078)

Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalvidyut Company Limited is a hydropower company in Nepal. It has an open total of about 1,50,00,000 units (1.5 crores) as an initial public offering (IPO) for the local and general public. It is issuing ordinary shares of Rs 1.5 arba which have a face value of Rs 100 per share.

IPO Units Date
For local people 60,00,000 5 Shrawan 2078
For general public 90,00,000 after local people

The local public is a group of people living and permanent residence in the project affected areas and the general public is the group of people who is not the permanent residence of the project affected area.

Since this IPO has more units for both the local and the general public, you can slightly increase your investment up to 20 units.

But now the subscribers are more enough grown in the market, it is always better to apply for 10 units. The cost per unit share is Rs 100.

Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalvidyut IPO is open in two phases.

In the 1st phase, it is open for local people of the Sindhupalchowk district from 21 Baishak 2078. Later on, after 3 days of issue, the lockdown began in the country and SEBON suspended the issuance.

After the end of lockdown and the start of smart lockdown on the country, the IPO is resumed from 5 Shrawan 2078 till 17 Shrawan 2078.

In 2nd phase, it is open to the general public. After the result of 1st phase is published, the IPO will be issued to the general public. It might be after a week most probably 12 Shrawan 2078.

IPO is suspended due to Lockdown

IPO Open From : 2078-01-21 BS (2021-05-04 AD)
IPO Close Date : 2078-02-04 BS(2021-05-18 AD)
(If fully not subscribed then extended to 2078-02-20 BS (2021-06-03 AD)

IPO is now open after Lockdown

IPO Open From : 2078-04-05 BS
IPO Close Date : 2078-04-17 BS
(If fully not subscribed then extended to 2078-06-02 BS)

Local people can apply for IPO

1. Bhotekoshi Gaupalika Ward No. 1 and 5 ( Listi & Marming VDC) &
Barhabise Municipality Ward Nos. 5, 6, 7 and 8 (formerly Gati, Ghumpang and Maneshwara VDCs) for 18 Lakhs Kitta
2. Sindhupalchwok Districts Other Local Level For 42 Lakhs Kitta IPO
Minimum Shares to Apply: 50 Kitta
Maximum Shares to Apply: 400 Kitta

Apply this IPO From e-Sewa:

  • Search Madhya BhoteKoshi on e-Sewa
  • Click on the MBJCL-IPO (Local People)
  • Select Answer yes on the question “Are you from Sindhupalchowk District?”
  • Fill in the details of the form.
  • Click Submit
  • Pay the amount
  • Done

Where can I apply for this IPO?

Applicants can apply for this IPO from Global IME Bank, Laxmi Bank, Mega Bank, NCC Bank, Nepal Investment Bank, Civil Bank, Prabhu Bank, Nepal Bangladesh Bank, Kumari Bank, Bank of Kathmandu, NIC Asia Bank and Sindhu Vikas Bank’s Sindhupalchok branch office. Global IME Capital has been appointed as the issue manager.

About IPO Company 

Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalavidyut Company Limited (MBJCL) is a subsidiary company of Chilime Hydropower Company Limited, registered as a public company in July 2010.

MBJCL has planned to develop the Madhya Bhotekoshi Hydroelectric Project (MBKHEP) with an installed capacity of 102 MW in the Sindhupalchowk district of the Central Development Region.

A tri-partite loan agreement has been signed between EPF, Chilime, and MBJCL for the debt portion. The equity investment will be made through 51% promoter share and 49% public share. Chilime is a leading company with a 37% share investment.

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