Total Fee Structure of Pulchowk Engineering College for Regular Students 2021

In this post, we will be understanding the fee structure of Pulchowk Engineering College for scholarship acquiring (Regular) students.

Pulchowk Engineering College

Institute of engineering is one of the institutes under Tribhuvan University. There are various faculties and institutes under the Institute of Engineering (IOE).

Under the Institute of Engineering, there are four constituent campuses and ten private colleges. Pulchowk Campus is the central campus of the Institute of Engineering.

It was established in 1972 (2029 B.S) as one of the constituent campuses of the Institute of Engineering and is situated at the heart of the Lalitpur city at Pulchowk.

Pulchowk campus offered diploma level (intermediate level with three years duration) courses in various engineering disciplines but diploma level courses are phased out now.

Pulchowk campus has been offering bachelor’s degree courses in various engineering disciplines.

Fee Structure of Pulchowk Engineering College

This fee structure of Pulchowk engineering college is valid from the year 2076/2077 for Scholarship Holders as well as Quota holders of the domestic students. The total fee for the regular students of engineering in Pulchowk College is Rs 38,988 only.

This fee Structure is applied for Regular Students enrolling on Programs In IOE Pulchowk like BE Civil, BE Computer, BE Electrical etc.

The fee structure for Aerospace and Chemical Engineering is a bit different as mentioned below.

Semester Fee (Particulars)

Amount (in Rs)

Laboratory FeeRs 50
Tuition FeeRs 2,126
Entrance-Card FeeRs 125
Identity CardRs 175
Student Union FeeRs 10
Library FeeRs 37
Sports FeeRs 15
Exam FeeRs 1,500
Exam Center FeeRs 100
Exam Form FeeRs 100
Students Welfare FeeRs 10
Sports Development Fund FeeRs 25
TU Registration Fee**
TotalRs 4,273.50
Library Refund Deposit FeeRs 1,200
Laboratory Refund Deposit FeeRs 5,00
Campus Refund Fee

(Refund after completion of Study fee)

Rs 1,700
TotalRs 3,400
Campus  Development feeRs 450
Campus Reconstruction FeeRs 450
Hostel Reconstruction Fee***
TotalRs 900
Student Health Insurance FeeRs 500
TotalRs 500
Net TotalRs 9,073.50
Net total (8 Semesters)Rs 38,988

For Aerospace and Chemical engineering, you have to pay:

  • Rs. 30,000/- additional charges than above as Laboratory Fee for regular students

From this fee structure, you have to pay the following amount during admission:

  • Regular Students: Rs.10,174/-
  • Aerospace and Chemical Engineering(Regular): Rs.19,174/-

The following amount is to be paid per semester:

  • Regular Students: Rs.3408.50/-
  • Aerospace and Chemical Engineering(Regular): Rs.19,174/-

** TU registration fee is Rs.500/- for regular and full-fee students.

***The hostel reconstruction fee is only to be paid by Hostel Students.

The students admitted in the Full Fee Category has a different fee structure than this fee structure. There is a certain rise in the amount in some particulars, most of the amount is similar and same.

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