Seats in Pulchowk Campus IOE in Nepal 2078/2079

Seats in Pulchowk Campus IOE: More than 15000 students take part in the IOE entrance exam each year. But, less than half of the students are able to qualify for studying at Tribhuvan University affiliated IOE colleges.

Pulchowk campus has limited seats for engineering students. IOE allocates some seats for students in Pulchowk Campus.

The total seats in Pulchowk Campus are calculated and listed below. The Entrance Examination Board of IOE publishes the list of the candidates who passed the entrance examination via the website whereas the Admission Committee of Constituent campuses will take care of the admission procedure.

Total Scholarship Seats at Pulchowk  Campus :

Pulchowk campus seats are placed on the basis of the IOE rank acquired by a student in the entrance examination. The IOE Pulchowk seats are limited on the basis of two different categories, they are regular(scholarship) and full-fee (paying).

The following table will help you to understand seats in Pulchowk Campus for different programs:

Engineering programs in Pulchowk Campus

Seats in Pulchowk Campus

Computer Engineering (Full Fee) 60
Computer Engineering (Regular) 36
Civil Engineering (Full Fee) 84
Civil Engineering (Regular) 108
Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineering (Full Fee) 24
Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineering (Regular) 24
Electrical Engineering (Full Fee) 24
Electrical Engineering (Regular) 24
Mechanical Engineering (Full Fee) 24
Mechanical Engineering (Regular) 24
Aerospace Engineering (Full Fee) 36
Aerospace Engineering (Regular) 12
Chemical Engineering (Full Fee) 36
Chemical Engineering (Regular) 12
Architecture Engineering (Full Fee) 24
Architecture Engineering (Regular) 24

Seats in Pulchowk are fulfilled by both paying and scholarship by the process of admission lists.

Summary of Pulchowk Scholarship Seats

  1. Mechanical Engineering =48 Seats
  2. Architecture Engineering =48 Seats
  3. Computer Engineering =96 Seats
  4. Civil =192 Seats
  5. Communication and Information =48 Seats
  6. Electronics & Electrical Engineering =48 Seats
  7. Aerospace Engineering =48 Seats
  8. Chemical Engineering =48 Seats
  9. Architecture =48 Seats

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