Dr. Toshima Karki Biography | Independent Candidate from Lalitpur 3

Her name is Toshima Karki a doctor by her profession, working as a general surgeon at Patan Hospital Lalitpur. She is from Adinath Village, Nakhkhu Khola Marg, Ward no. 18, Lalitpur 3 number area.

She had her education from Shaheed Dharmabhakta School, Nakhkhu (Classes 1 -10), Modern Indian School, Chobhar (Classes 11-12), and MBBS from (Kist Medical College, Lalitpur), Masters General Surgery (Kathmandu University).

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Her occupation is General Surgeon at Patan Hospital, Lalitpur. She is actively involved as a Youth leader, medical campaigner, and elected central member of the Nepal Medical Council. Her Goal is Healthy Nepali, Happy Nepali, and she commits to Honesty towards the people.

Brief Biography :

Dr. Toshima Karki Biography

Introduction Information
Full Name: Dr. Toshima Karki
Address: Adinath Village, Nakhkhu Khola Marg, Ward no. 18, Lalitpur Area 3
Education: Shaheed Dharmabhakta School, Nakhkhu (Classes 1-10), Modern Indian School, Chobhar (Classes 11-12)
MBBS (Kisht Medical College, Lalitpur), Masters General Surgery (Kathmandu University)
Occupation: General Surgeon, Patan Hospital, Lalitpur
Youth leader, the medical campaigner, elected central member of Nepal Medical Council
Goal/Commitment: Healthy Nepali, Happy Nepali, and  Honesty towards the people.
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://toshimakarki.com/

Her Achievements:

  • Led the protest of intern doctors and medical students against interns in medical colleges in 2071/72.
  • By leading the Save Medical Fraternity Movement at various stages for the past 7 years to minimize the physical attacks on hospitals and health workers, he succeeded in amending the law related to health institutions and health workers by including the concept of Jail without Bail.
  • Led health and relief camps in Sindhupalchok, Batase, Ramechhap, Nuwakot, Salme, Lalitpur’s remote large Durlung, and other places during the devastating earthquake.
  • Leading the “Warm in Winter” campaign in places like Sunsari, Eenruwa, and Rautahat during monsoon. The “Relief and rescue” programs and health camps were conducted in settlements like Saptari, Susta, and Inruwa in Terai when landslides washed away houses and fields.

Dr. Toshima Karki

  • In the year 2074/75, successfully established admission according to the merit list by taking the leadership of the case in the Supreme Court against the corruption and malfeasance in MD/MS/BDS admission in Tri University Medical Colleges.
  • In the year 2075/76, taking the lead of the case in the Supreme Court again, TRV. Succeeded in setting and implementing the admission fees for postgraduate admissions in medical colleges.
  • Dr. Gobind K.C. Played a leading role in general movement, management, and leadership in Satyagraha up to 20 times towards the health sector.
  • During the epidemic of covid-19, when he was constantly on duty, he played a role in facilitating the provision of safety equipment for the health workers as well as public awareness, health equipment, oxygen cylinder, and home isolation for the general public.
  • Received support from doctors all over the country and was elected as a key member of the Nepal Medical Council by getting the majority of votes in the 2078 Nepal Medical Council elections. Doctors in the Medical Council have been playing a strategic role to make medical practice effective.
  • Active participation in social justice campaigns and anti-corruption movements.

Latest News:

  • Supreme Court issues interim order not to cancel Toshima Karki’s candidacy.
  • Toshima to knock on Supreme Court doors against the rejection of her candidature by the Election Commission.
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  1. Well articulated interview. Dr. Toshima seems to be an honest, sincere, capable and energetic candidate to lead our constituency. As the residents/voters from Lalitpur 3, me and my family will definitely vote for her. Let’s all vote for her. In addition, let us also spread the words around in support of her campaign.


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