Cut-off Rank Admission in Pulchowk Campus IOE for 2077

Cut-off Rank Admission in Pulchowk Campus IOE: Student can estimate their chances to get a seat in Pulchowk Campus on the basis of cut-off ranks and the admission process.

The cut-off rank is nothing complex but simple criteria of estimating a range for the maximum rank a student must achieve for which he/she can acquire admission easily to different programs in seats in  Pulchowk Campus.

Second Admission Entrance of IOE

Note: It is a process of estimating and prioritizing the student’s admission placements in the order of their ranks so that there must be an unbiased selection of students according to their entrance result ranks.

But, sometimes these ranges fluctuate due to the various factors like

  1. Many students do not join thinking that they may pass next year with better ranks than this year (gap).
  2. Some of them change their study goal for foreign countries (e.g IELTS courses).
  3. Most of them do not study engineering faculties and join health-related or agriculture/forestry.
  4. Many of them try CSIT and British IT courses in Nepal.
  5. Some students fall under the IOE quota and their seat is fixed, so this may create unexpected results compared to cut-off ranks.

IOE Cut-Off Ranks in Pulchwok Campus

The Cut-off Rank Admission in Pulchowk for 2077  is the maximum rank you must achieve to get admission to Pulchowk Campus in various engineering programs is :

Engineering programs in Pulchwok Campus Cut-Off Rank in Pulchwok Campus
Computer Engineering (Full Fee) 320

(Female Quota 290, Foreign Quota 6730 )

Computer Engineering (Regular) 75

(Female Quota 115, Female Res. Quota 960, Tharu Res. Quota  1800 and other Res. Quota 2800)

Civil Engineering (Full Fee)                                    400

(Female Quota 470, Gov. Quota 5620, Foreign Quota 6730 )

Civil Engineering (Regular) 180

(Female Quota 225, Female Res. Quota 700, Other Reservation Quota 1150, Dalit Quota 5415)

Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineering (Full Fee) 600

(Female Quota 700)

Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineering (Regular) 360

(Female Quota 445 Other Reservation Quota 750)

Electrical Engineering (Full Fee) 890

(Female Quota 840 )

Electrical Engineering (Regular) 450

(Female Quota 590)

Mechanical Engineering (Full Fee) 800

(Female Quota 950 )

Mechanical Engineering (Regular) 450

(Female Quota 550, Adivasi/Janajati 1315, Other Reservation Quota 5400)

Aerospace Engineering (Full Fee) 1930

(Female Quota 1350 )

Aerospace Engineering (Regular) 600

(Female Quota 1150, Female res. Quota 1695, Other Reservation Quota 1905)

Chemical Engineering (Full Fee) 3300
Chemical Engineering (Regular) 1300

(Adivasi/Janajati 3425)

Architecture Engineering (Full Fee) 1500

(Female Quota 470, Gov. Quota 5620, Foreign Quota 6730 )

Architecture Engineering (Regular) 950

( Reservation Quota 2430)


Conclusion for Cut-off Rank Admission in Pulchowk for 2077

Therefore, these cut-off ranks are just approximations seeing the past year’s priority choosing of students and their seats in Pulchowk Campus.  This list was made seeing the seats occupied up to the 4th admission list.

Therefore, there may be seats in Pulchowk Campus are available until the last admission list even if you acquire lower ranks than the listed ones.

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Ashok Nath is a content creator in and he is pursuing Bachelor's Degree In Computer Engineering From Nepal College Of Information Technology (NCIT) Pokhara University Nepal. He like to write tips and tutorials on different kinds of difficulties that people would face on thier way to success.

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