Best Books For IOE Entrance Exam Reference 2021/2077

If you are preparing from scratch and have enough time you can go through University Physics by Young and Freedman for physics preparation, Basic Mathematics for maths preparation, Advanced level chemistry by PN Chaudhary for chemistry preparation. Basically, you must strictly follow  IOE Entrance Syllabus.

books for ioe entrance preparation

In addition, there are books available as made by the entrance preparation institutions like

  1. PEA
  2. SEA
  3. NAME
  5. OCEAN
  6. PI
  7. and more.

You can choose any of them, which will help you in practicing questions. They provide old question collections too. However, there is a mere chance of question repetition. Therefore, we can say there are no specialized books on IOE Entrance. So covering all of the theory plus two books will be enough for entrance. Most of the entrance toppers recommend the plus two books as the key to crack the exam.

Some books like IOE Entrance Accelerator by Bijay Puri have become popular; you can access them for more practice. In addition, we will provide some online course materials soon on this website too. However, an online platform, IOEBooster have become beneficial to students for online mock test and preparation. You can reach them here

Tapendra Pandey

Tapendra Pandey is a content creator at and he is pursuing Bachelor's Degree In Computer Engineering From Institute of Engineering (IOE) Nepal under Tribhuvan University (TU).

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