Improved PDF !!! IOE Entrance Syllabus of B.E.

IOE Entrance Syllabus: IOE has published the IOE entrance syllabus for IOE entrance preparation students. IOE Entrance examinations date generally falls in September every year. But due to the pandemic caused by the new variant of covid(covid-19), it started a bit late in January of 2021 this year.

IOE Entrance Syllabus Subjects:

However, the IOE entrance exam is ready to be conducted. So, the students have to study books and subject matters asked in the IOE entrance exam are Physics, Chemistry, English, and Mathematics.

IOE Entrance Syllabus 2021

IOE Entrance Syllabus:

Nonetheless, IOE has decided not to include the question matters of the new subjects like engineering drawing and engineering aptitude to students in the IOE entrance exam from the current year.

IOE Entrance Syllabus Importance:

Most of the successful students utilize the time filtering the contents with the syllabus. If the idea of the syllabus is lacking in us, we spend our full time thinking that we cannot study the whole course.

Many more, leads us to doubts, confusions as well as feeling unsuccessful. You need an entrance syllabus for your reference of study during IOE entrance preparation.

IOE Entrance Syllabus Important Topics:

Therefore, only you have to study is the familiar topics of Physics, Chemistry, English, and Mathematics. In conclusion, Engineering Drawing and Aptitude Test have removed from the IOE entrance syllabus pdf. So, you may skip the drawing and aptitude section and study compulsory EPCM subjects only.

IOE has recently updated the IOE entrance syllabus. Download the Latest IOE Entrance syllabus pdf by click the download button below:

The pass marks of the IOE Entrance Exam is around 55 marks. The full marks of the IOE Entrance examination are 140 marks. The medium of paper in English. So, The long questions carry 4 marks and the short ones carry 2 marks each.











Total marks


IOE Entrance Exam Time:

The duration of the exam is 2 hours where all students must submit answers within the time. To Clarify the IOE entrance syllabus the objective questions each with 4 answer options are displayed to students.

IOE Entrance Exam Negative Marking:

Subsequently, once we click an answer, it is mandatory to choose an option. Therefore, if you choose the wrong option then IOE deducts ‘-1’ marks as negative marking.

For more entrance exam experience and ideas, you can watch the demo provided by the PEA engineering association of CBT on YouTube. The content provided on the  IOE entrance syllabus pdf is also posted below:

The conclusion from the IOE Entrance Syllabus(Summary)

  • IOE Entrance examinations date generally falls in September every year.
  • this year due to the pandemic it delayed from Shrawan and was carried out in Magh.
  • aptitude and engineering drawing is removed from the syllabus of IOE Entrance.
  • you may skip the drawing and aptitude section and study compulsory EPCM subjects only.
  • start studying according to the above syllabus, follow some books if you like.

  Download IOE Entrance Syllabus pdf

Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding this post, feel free to comment below. See some already answered questions from here.

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Tapendra Pandey is a content creator at and he is pursuing Bachelor's Degree In Computer Engineering From Institute of Engineering (IOE) Nepal under Tribhuvan University (TU).

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