Is Free WorldLink Wifi actually FREE (NO, Here is the reason)

Free Worldlink Wifi – The internet has become a crucial part of our lives, whether we are staying at a restaurant or waiting for someone at a bus stop we always want to be connected to the wifi internet.

But we all know about the data price rates of mobile internet service providers is so high and expensive in our country Nepal.

It is not always possible even to buy mobile data. So it might be the reason that we always wish to stay around a place where wifi connection is easily available and most of the time we prefer wifi connection to surf the internet or consume the digital content.

Worldlink Network:

Wifi connection is normally available in restaurants and cafes places but at the bus stops it might not always be available for wifi connection in there.

Taking these things into consideration, Worldlink has now started the wifi mobility service in most of the places inside the valley including the three districts.

Let’s now talk about those services started by WorldLink. Basically, Worldlink has started two types of wifi internet services. They include

  1. Free Wifi Service
  2. myWorldLink Wifi Service

Free Worldlink Wifi Service

Free Worldlink Wifi service can be used by any type of wifi user. It is not necessary that the user of this wifi service must be a worldlink user. Anybody can easily connect to this free worldlink wifi service.

This service has access to everyone. Worldlink has launched this free worldlink wifi service with a partnership with FACEBOOK using their expresswifi service platform.

How to use WorldLink Free WiFi Login

I hope most of us have already used Free Worldlink Wifi Service provided by worldLink. It is easy to connect it. This service can be connected easily by one tap.

The SSID of this service mostly looks like Free_WorldLink_Wifi_placeName. You can connect to this free worldlink wifi without any username and password.

There are two types of free worldlink wifi services. One is with OTP required (old system and usually inside the cafe, restaurants) and another is no OTP required (public places like bus stops). The free worldlink wifi that needs the login by using a mobile number can be connected as below:

  • First of all, you need to connect to the free wifi named like Free_WorldLink_Wifi_placeName.
  • Then a kind of prompt is shown to you for login. It will ask you for a login or sign up.
  • First, you need to get top by signing up.
  • After the successful sign up an OTP is sent to the mobile number you provided.
  • Then, simply log in using that OTP.
  •  You’re now connected.

Volume Limit of WorldLink Free WiFi

This free wifi is not free forever. It provides you with a 500MB quota. When the provided quota is exceeded, you can again get an extra 500MB  by watching the ads provided by expresswifi.

To see the data volume and limits, you can download the app in the play store expresswifi by Facebook or visit

WorldLink WiFi Mobility Service

WorldLink WiFi Mobility Service can be used only by WorldLink’s wifi users. It is necessary that the user of this wifi service must be a worldlink user. Those WorldLink’s Wifi can easily connect to this free worldlink WorldLink WiFi Mobility Service.

This service is exclusively for WorldLink users. Worldlink has launched this WorldLink WiFi Mobility Service solely on its own for the only worldlink users.

Availability of WorldLink WiFi Mobility Service

WorldLink WiFi Mobility Service is currently available in more than 10,000 city places in Nepal. WorldLink has planned to expand this service to more than 30,000 places in Nepal in the coming days.

The popularity of Free Worldlink Wifi

This service of worldlink has not gained such much popularity in the country due to lack of information about the free wifi service. In the upcoming days, I hope worldlink will focus on promoting its free service to the users through different media.

Taking the example,  it was the hype that more than 10,000 free wifi is available in New Delhi. But many of us do not know about WorldLink’s WiFi Mobility Service.

How to use WorldLink WiFi Mobility Service Login

This service is for worldlink users only because you need to be a worldlink internet user first to access this wifi. You can connect to this myworldlink wifi with a username and customer login password.

If you forget your customer login password, then you can reset or change it using the myWorldlink app. The SSID of this service mostly looks like myWorldlink.

It is easy for iPhone users to connect to this wifi by simply connecting to the SSID.

A little harder to set this up on an android phone for the first time. After setting up few things, it will connect automatically to the myworldlink wifi anywhere anytime.

The connection setup process for this myworldlink free wifi login can be processed by the following simple steps. Let’s start:

  • First of all, you need to connect to the SSID of wifi named like myWorldLink with username and password.
  • Then under the SSID in advanced options, choose the EAP method.
  • under the EAP method, select the PEAP option.
  • Under phase II authentication, select the MSCHAPV2 option.
  • Under CA Certificate, select the do not validate option.
  •  After completing this, you’re now connected.

These are all one-time connection steps in myWorldLink wifi. After some days or time, you can automatically connect or login to the free wifi of myWorldLink.

Volume Limit of myWOrldLink wifi

There is no volume limit for myWorldLink wifi service. You can access unlimited volume using this free wifi.

Uses of this Free Wifi

This free wifi service is fruitful for the users. It is comfortable for the users. As it cannot be as fast as the single home user wifi but it will not make you disappointed.

How safe is Free Worldlink Wifi Service

First of all data privacy and data usage of this wifi service, we are providing them with the mobile number for user registration. This number is used for sending the OTP codes.

It can be a risk to provide your personal data and information on the internet.

Worldlink has confirmed that the mobile number of users is used for the KYC update process like OTP, and user login authentication only.

As well as, if in case any cybercrime occurs, this number can be helpful to trace the attackers.

It works on EAP authentication which is secured and it isn’t much risk. But we always recommend you practice safety measures for personal information.

Safety Habits and Recommendations

In the case of public wifi, the risk of security is inseparable. We must remain safe from our user side too.

  • We recommend you use mobile data for sensitive transactions.
  • Always try to only visit the HTTPS enabled websites.
  • try to surf the internet using a data leak proof VPN service.

Conclusion of Free Worldlink Wifi Service

Overall, the free wifi service is a good initiative for users. It is providing free wifi service in many public places in our country. It is easy to connect except for some android settings.

But these android settings are also one time setting only, so next time it connects automatically.

We hope for better and more accessibility in next coming days by different ISPs too. For a better and digital Nepal campaign, this type of free service is a must.


Ashok Nath
Ashok Nath
Ashok Nath is a content creator in He likes to write tips and tutorials on different kinds of difficulties that people face day to day life.

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